Der Sportfischer | Das Lehrbuch für Angler

The Sport Fisherman

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The textbook for anglers with a practical and theoretical exam. With many tricks and tips for beginners and professionals. In the newly revised edition, over 500 pictures are used to explain the devices, the fish and their fishing methods and to explain them in an understandable way.
"The sports fisherman" has been one of the most widely read fishing books in Germany and Europe for over 30 years and with more than 175,000 copies sold.

Günther Burk

5. Version, 2017

16,8 * 23,8 cm

159 pages with more than 500 drawings




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Chapter 1

Rods; roll

Chapter 2

cords; Leaders; Node; Bite indicator; Leads; Swivels & connectors; SIMPL

Chapter 3 Free

Hook; natural baits; artificial baits

Chapter 4

Equipment; Throwing techniques; every hobby has its price

Chapter 5

Fishing with the pristine Stipprute

Chapter 6

Fishing with the ringed pole

Chapter 7

Fishing with the ground rod / feeder rod

Chapter 8

Predator Fishing

Chapter 9

Fly Fishing

Chapter 10

Fishing with the Spinning Rod

Chapter 11

Fishing with the Surf Rod

Chapter 12

Sea Fishing with a Boat Rod

Chapter 13

Mackerel Fishing

Chapter 14

Theoretical Part of the Examination Introduction; General Ichthyology; the Fish Species

Chapter 15

Special Ichthyology

Chapter 16

Hydrology, Fish Preservation, Nature Conservation and Animal Protection; Equipment and Tools

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